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Semi-Permanent Beauty Treatments

We have a wide range of beauty treatments available for those in the Torquay area with our team of experienced beauticians including micro-blading, filler and facials. Contact us today on 01803 269859 or visit our Facebook page to book an appointment today.

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Eyebrow treatments

Our eyebrow treatments provide a semi-permanent solution to eyebrow makeup. Our treatments can last a year or more and include a free consultation and after care.

Our price list for eyebrow treatments is as follows:

  • Eyebrow micro-blading = £300

  • Ombre eyebrows           = £300

  • Powder eyebrows          = £300

  • Lips Brush                       = £300

  • Eye Liner                         = £300

Treatment can last between 3-5 years

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Eyebrow Treatments
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Lips Brush Treatments
Eye Liner
Normally £600
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Semi Permanent Eye Brows
Lips Brush &
Eye Liner 
Normally £900

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Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent extensions that are hand-glued onto your natural lashes, giving you thicker fuller lashes and making your eyes pop! 

Our price list for eyelashes is as follows:

  • Crystal eyelash extensions = £28

  • Classic eyelash extensions = £45

  • Hybrid eyelash extensions = £58

  • Russian eyelash extensions = £75

  • Infill = From £25

Contact us today to arrange your eyelash appointment.

Relaxing Facial

Skin cosmetic treatments

Our facial treatments have many benefits including removing dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and removing unwanted facial hair.

When conducting our facials, our Dermalogica professional skin therapist will give you an exclusive skin analysis in order to specialise your facial and prescribe products best suited to you.

Our price list for skin cosmetic treatments is as follows:

  • Dermaplaning = from £30

  • Micro-needling = From £59

  • BB glow = £99

  • Energizing facial (30 mins) = £35

  • Refreshing and luxury facial (1 hour) = £55

Contact us today to book your skin treatment.

Natural Beauty

Aesthetics fillers

Our fillers can help to re-contour the lower part of the face, plump lips and create a more define facial look.

Our price list for fillers is as follows:

  • Dermal 1.1ml = £129

  • Dermal 2.2ml = £220

  • Dermal 3.3ml = £300

  • Dermal 4.4ml = £400

  • Dermal 5.5ml = £500

  • Lip enhancement = from £130

  • Russian lips = from £170

  • Doll lips = £150

  • Tear trough = £270

  • Cheeks 2.2ml = from £200

  • Nasolabial = from £129

  • Marionette lines = from £129

  • Smokers line and lips border = from £129

  • Jawline 2.2ml = from £220

  • Chin = from £129

  • Nose correction = £159

Contact us today to book your filler treatment.

Gray Sportswear


Profhilo not only boosts and hydrates the skin but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue. The most common areas of treatment include the face and neck and can also be used for the decolletage, hands, arms, knees and abdomen area where it would effectively treat skin laxity.

The treatment is suitable for everyone, offering skin benefits for customers of all ages.

Our price list for Profhilo is as follows:

  • Single treatment = £250

  • Two treatments = £450

  • Stomach = £200

Contact us today to book your Profhilo treatment.

Eyes Closed


Sunekos skin treatment is ideal if you have loose, thin skin and/or a loss of volume around your eyes. It is also suited to help with lines, wrinkles, volume-loss and laxity on your neck and face, restoring a natural looking youthful appearance.

Our price list for Sunekos is as follows:

  • Eye treatment for dark circles (single treatment) = £200

  • Eye treatment for dark circles (3 treatments) = £450

  • Sunekos hand treatment = £200

We also have treatments available for other areas upon enquiry so contact us today.

A beautician completes brow work on a customer

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